White Flight of a Nation

Everyday in Johannesburg, I meet white folk of my parents’ age whose children have fled the country. Children who were born and raised in South Africa around the time apartheid had ended, who were schooled and educated here. Have got up and left. It is the ultimate white flight, the white flight of a nation, a race, and a generation that feels that they can no longer live in South Africa. And who have the means to leave.

Some days in Johannesburg, in one form or another, South African whites greet me in a gesture to commiserate with me and say, “Things were better during apartheid.” I just wanted to order a cappuccino, not be pulled into your closed mindedness. Is it that bad here in South Africa that people still feel free to reminisce about apartheid?

A comedian I heard on Spotify joked that whites, had created “the game” and she joked how sad she felt for poor whites in the U.S. who were bad at playing their own game that they had created, the game here being racism.

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