I deliver talks, seminars, and workshops on science, tech, and medicine, including human rightssocial repairpublic health, and research methods. Some of my speaking engagements include:

The Body as Heritage: Exhuming and the Challenge of Totalitarian History

Writing Tips, Tricks, and Style

Heritages of War, Exhumations of Peace

Beyond Forensic Anthropology: A Social Anthropology of Civil War Exhumations (in Spanish)

Te Molesta el Moro? Does the Moro Bother You? Berber Bodies, Moroccan Bones, Spanish Soil

How I Learned to Love the Bomb: Excavating Pueblo Politics, Cariño, and Salvage Technologies in Post-Civil War Spain.

At the Crossroads of Love, Science, and Imagination: History and Identity at the Spanish Exhumation

Religion in Regime, Reburial, and Science: Exhuming in Contemporary Spain

Religion, Secularism, and Reburial Technology

Muslim Corpses, Spanish Soil: Exhuming Berber Corpses from the Spanish Civil War in Contemporary Spain

Our Dead: Cosmology of the Exhumations in Contemporary Spain (in Spanish)

Anthropology of the Exhumations of Mass Grave Victims in Northwest Spain (in Spanish)

The Patrimonialization of Memory: Creating the Recollection (in Spanish)

Forensic Identification Technologies and Fashioning History At the Spanish Exhumation

Engaging New Publics: STS at the Heart of What Matters

Anthropology Under Fire (in Spanish)

Tinkering with the Category of the Human: What Does it Mean to be Human Anymore?

At Crossroads of Love, Science, & Imagination: Fashioning History and Identity at the Spanish Exhumation

New Directions in the Anthropology of Europe, Society for the Anthropology of Europe Student Prize Paper

Funding and Grant-Writing Workshop for Graduate Students

Over my Dead Body: Resurrection of History and Memory at the Spanish Exhumation