I’ve published in peer-reviewed journals and books on humanitarianism, social repair, public health, substance use, and environmental and occupational health.

I’ve also contributed editorials, and teaching and methods advice to popular social science blogs and journals.

Humanitarianism & Social Repair

How I Learned to Love the Bomb: Excavating Pueblo Politics, Love, and Salvage Technologies after the Conflict (The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute)

Kinship and Caring for the Nation’s Dead: Family Blood, Political Bones, and Exhumation in Spain.(Social Dynamics: A Journal of African Studies)

Exhuming the Disappeared. (The Routledge Handbook of Medical Anthropology, book section)

Book Review of Necropolitics: Mass Graves and the Exhumations in the Age of Human Rights, by Francisco Ferrándiz and Antonius C.G.M. Robben, eds. (Medical Anthropology Quarterly)

Archaeology, Anthropology, and Civil Conflict: The Case of Spain. (Ethics and the Archaeology of Violence, book chapter co-authored with Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal and Xurxo Ayan)

Religion, Secularism, and Science at the Spanish Exhumation (Somatosphere blog)

Anthropology of the Dead Body: The Corpse in Theory, Action, and Literature (Somatosphere blog)

Field Sights Contact/Access: Deviation (Cultural Anthropology)

Corporeality of the Absent Body (Religion in Diaspora and Global Affairs blog)

Ethnography and Design: Methods and Teaching Tools (Savage Minds blog)

The Science and Soul of Exhumations: Taking Subjectivity Seriously in Science (Anthropology News)

Public Health & Substance Use

Primary Care Providers’ Experiences with Urine Toxicology Screen Tests to Manage Prescription Opioid Misuse and Substance Use Among Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Patients in Safety Net Healthcare Settings (Substance Abuse Journal, lead author with Jamie Chang, Emily Hurstak, Kara Zamora, Margot Kushel, Christine Miaskowski, and Kelly Knight)

Clinicians’ experiences with the identification, management, and treatment of co-occurring chronic non-cancer pain and substance use history in the safety net (Substance Use and Misuse, co-authored with Jamie Chang, Margot Kushel, Christine Miaskowski, Kara Zamora, Emily Hurstak, and Kelly Knight)

Opioid pharmacovigilance: A clinical-social history of the changes in opioid prescribing for patients with co-occurring chronic non-cancer pain and substance use. (Under review at Social Science and Medicine, co-authored with Knight, Kelly, Margot Kushel, Jamie Chang, Kara Zamora, Rachel Ceasar, Emily Hurstak, and Christine Miaskowski)

Environmental & Occupational Health

The Panado Problem: A study of farm employers’ perceptions of farm workers’ health and access to health care services on commercial farms in South Africa (In preparation for Social Science and Medicine, lead author with Nirvana Pillay, and Nancy Coulson)

Other Writing

Performing and Storytelling Theory: A Future Perfect Possibility (Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism blog)

Editorial: Whose University? Our University! Special Issue: The University in Crisis (co-authored with Yalda Asmatey, Leticia Cesarino, Ugo Edu, Ruth Goldstein, and Krystal Strong)