NOT another personal rant against academia.

Academics have been slower to jump on behaviors from consumer social media where people publish quick updates instead of longer-form content. He says that about three-quarters of the world’s scientific data isn’t shared because the right incentives and platforms haven’t existed.

Amen, Richard Price,’s founder. Just to show that my blog is not a personal rant against academia, I’ve gone ahead and taken the next step regarding the uselessness of departmental websites (except maybe for potential students and their padres) and hit up some tech peeps. In particular, the good people at I am fortunate enough that if they don’t respond, I can always go to their office, which happens to be just down the street from me.

worst website
The World’s Worst Website.

The idea: What if department websites were designed and created around the idea of a site aimed at discussion, connection, and collaboration?

I’ve tried searching the web for departments that have something like this—-a space where professors, students, and staff can easily contribute to the page and each other—but with no such luck.

Will follow-up here once I get response from

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