Here’s what other people have written about me:

S.F. tech companies’ civic image at stake as backlash grows. 2013. San Francisco Chronicle by Heather Knight and John Coté. San Francisco newspaper interview on the impact of tech companies on San Francisco. December 15.

What the Land Hides: The memory of a prisoner camp. 2012. Hoy Castuera by Cristina Sánchez. Spanish newspaper article on the exhumation of mass graves in a cemetery and the excavation of a concentration camp in Castuera, Extramadura, Spain. October 6.

Useless Cruelty. 2012. Galicia Confidencial by Xurxo Ayán. Galician newspaper opinion piece on an homage in Teo, Galicia, Spain for victims of the Francoist repression. November 20.

Arqueoneixon by Xurxo Ayán. 2012. Posting in an archaeology blog about Galician Neolithic settlements in Neixon, Galicia, Spain. October 29.

North American Rachel Ceasar visits IEM. 2011. Institute of Miñoranos Studies. Posting in cultural blog on the Val Miñor region in Galicia, Spain. August 23.

At the University of California, Some Would Rather Pay than Protest. 2010. The New York Times by Scott James. Article on supporting public education as a public good. March 26.